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Over a 90-year life and seven-decade career he carved an existence akin to what might result if Mark Twain and James Baldwin ever collaborated on a superhero comic, a story that makes you shake your head and mutter "only in America" and actually mean it in a good way.

His deeds were astounding in scope: He sang hit records, played on hit records, wrote and produced hit records, and helped break the careers of artists like Hank Ballard, Jackie Wilson, and Etta James (who inducted Otis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and sadly passed away only three days after him).

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He lived through Bird and Trane, through The fact that he was a white man always seemed to matter little, least of all to Johnny Otis.

He was born Ioannis Alexandres Veliotes in California in 1921, the son of Greek immigrants, and from early childhood he loved African American culture with religious ferocity. In 1941, in violation of California's miscegenation laws, he married a pretty young woman named Phyllis Walker; they had four children together and were married for 70 years.

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