Video views not updating

Video views not updating

Also taken into consideration would be: 1 -- the number of different computers that have watched your video, 2 -- how many of those views were actually derived from the "same" computers, and 3 -- the "pace" at which people clicked on your video.

There is a question mark and it says that for popular videos, the view count is updated every few hours. I have a school project, and I have to get a minimum number of views for a video on youtube, but it's been stuck on 301 views for a day. v=XI98HQs K8ms So many people have asked questions about frozen/stuck views, I've spent considerable time investigating this issue.

I'd guess that the more infrequent updating happens at times when the most people are sitting on their butts watching videos.

;) Sometimes the views is say's on the actual video takes awhile to update, but usually when I go to my video it gives me up to the minute.

A lot of people were crudely inflating their views this way -- or using "bots" and "increasers" to artificially generate those views, trying to show off their own vids as being more popular than they really were. If You Tube feels that any of them were suspicious, they will actually freeze the view count until the number of "real views" hits that 300 mark -- or in extreme cases, they will behind-the-scenes reset the counter and wait until the video gets 300 "real views". For the You Tube "Ad Sense" program, CTRs (Click-through Ratios) are only considered after 30 seconds of a video.

Thus, in order for real views to take effect and count, a video has to be played at least 30 seconds -- or the entire length of a video if it's shorter than that. You Tube won't ever tell you (or anyone) this, but most ordinary videos get 1 "rating" for about every 200 to 300 views, while the extra popular videos get 1 rating for about every 50 or 100.

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In other words, if before all this you were only getting 5 views a day, how can it be that all of a sudden you're getting 300 if your total subscribers has not gone up significantly?

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