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When perusing the Comic Con schedule and plotting out my attack plan for hitting various panels, I stumbled across the description for something called "Love in the Air." What was it? Hermione was laughing with a girl in plainclothes who had pointy ears. Captain America and Batman were there, too, and so was a midriff-baring Supergirl. I found myself getting really excited to meet new people and, in hindsight, I wish the ladies in the room could've met each other for a little bit, too.

I looked around at the girls, most clad in costumes.

Luckily, I'd been to some before and was able to tell some stories. He told a story about a woman who went through NINE rounds of speed dating at New York Comic Con -- where the rooms are filled with 70 guys and 70 girls -- and she didn't get any callers.

The guys had different methods of broaching topics, and sometimes I took the lead on steering the conversation. " was my go-to question if the conversation slowed.

We'd both have a chance to write the other person's number on the note card if we liked them. Then we got our slips of paper with the guys' names and numbers and disappeared off into the con again. Those three minutes aren't meant to be spent impressing someone or proving you know more about this fandom or that movie, it's to show off how passionate you are about something and share that with the person in the chair across from you. Passion for something you believe in can be a turn on and, sometimes, that can lead to a different kind of passion.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating was a hit for self-proclaimed geeks and nerds at New York Comic Con this year -- 200 people signed up and got real fictional."If you get stuck," our host began, "just ask, 'What's your favorite movie? The question I most got was, "So, is this your first con? And sometimes that three minutes was more like two minutes, and we all complained that it seemed like things had randomly started speeding up. Some of them might turn out to be potential romantic partners, some of them might become your friends, and some you might never see again -- save for an awkward glance in the exhibition hall and thoughts of, "Oh, shoot, what number were you again? For all his joke-cracking, the host made it crystal clear that if any of us felt remotely uncomfortable, we could give a secret signal, and he'd put an end to whatever it was that was bothering us. " Maybe it was a good way to break the ice or maybe I just looked out of place. " The host reassured everyone that even if they didn't get any numbers this time around, they should come back and meet more people. Later, after the guys had received their numbers and gone on their merry ways, he made sure to tell us that we could always drop him a line with any concerns we had if we went out with any of the guys and they were less-than-stellar dates. Speed dating is one of those things you find at smaller Cons and not at SDCC.Though now that I think of it, it's kind of amazing some scrappy San Diego event promoter hasn't thrown an offsite speed dating event together.

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All of them had fun answers, and I'm so glad no one responded, "You." ? That's kinda what I do for a living," one guy said.

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