Siwon dating

If he's not enough of a model, or rich enough for you, that's fine.

He's a 29 year old man with an incredible work ethic and reputation for professionalism, on top of being one of SM's highest individual earners. I was afraid it would sound like I was putting Siwon down in my original post; I don't mean that at all.

And I guess since I am a fan of him, I think Liu Wen is such a good match with him because Siwon, at least in my eyes, has a lil bit bigger "actor" or "model" image for him due to most of his works.Who's the "whiny man child" you think I'm comparing Siwon to? I don't know how on earth you could think I was comparing their characters; they're only similar in the sense that they're both teen idols and their fan bases are primarily made up of teenyboppers. This might simply be because I'm American, but Bieber isn't considered anything remotely near an idol here.He's a party-hard idiot with legal issues, if anything, and comparing someone to him is an insult.He's one of the most in-demand idols actors out there, and China/Hong Kong adores him.Plus, he's the son of a CEO, and his family is very, very wealthy.

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