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So I sulked for about a year before I got my act together. I started reading everything I could on dating, pickup, attraction and seduction.

I became hungry for knowledge, and VERY excited to learn that some skills CAN be learned! I also started to notice something I’ve since coined as the “IGNORE and SCORE” method of attraction and dating.

I paid attention, applied my knowledge, and I started dating again. I raised my standards, improved my self-esteem, rebuilt my personal boundaries and expectations, and I really raised the bar for the type of women I wanted to ultimately end up with. I’ve spent the last few years gathering my thoughts on Dating Success, Inner Game Tactics, and Pickup Techniques and I’ve compiled them into this philosophy called IGNORE and SCORE.

If I can save just ONE MAN (you) from the embarrassment of rejection by teaching him (you) how to avoiding typical dating mistakes then this e Book will have been well worth all the hours I’ve spent writing it! 86, 87 Why a woman resists a guy even when she’s really into him, and how to use her resistance as an advantage to your dating success. 51 I take an entire chapter to explain the mindset of rejection and how to prevent it’s damaging effects on your dating life.

My first instinct was to lose weight and to get fit. I really turned my health around and ended up looking my best! What happened next really confused and frustrated me.

I could meet women without much problem (because I was cute and nice) but I could not keep a girl to save my life.

Every time I meet a girl I liked she’d end up walking away from me after just a few dates. Instead I was being super nice, which builds rapport and creates good friends, but that only leads to the “Friend’s Zone.” Brutal.When you see couples holding hands you can always tell who’s the ‘man’ and who’s the ‘woman.’ The person’s who’s hand is on top, or infront, of the other’s hand is the leader.Most women, and I’ll generalize here because it’s my blog, prefer a man who leads them.Learn what a woman’s “bitch shield” is and how to properly ignore it so that you stand out from every other chump. 20 I teach you the power of this truth: her resistance isn’t her rejection. 54 The differences between a direct approach and an indirect approach and the proper way to use each one when first meeting a beautiful woman. 60 Discover why women simply don’t value a guy they can get easily, and how to become the playful guy women love to chase.– pg.28 What stops most men from dating beautiful women? 44 Questions you SHOULD be asking her that will naturally make her more curious about you. 30 5 ways that rapport helps your dating success, and how to naturally build it. 44-47 8 quick tips for telling a powerful story, which can create a great connection with a woman. 48 What most women fear and how to always project a fun and safe emotional environment while never seeming boring or dull.– pg. 66 What it means to be an attractive man and how to lead a life style that naturally brings you success. 70, 71 11 behaviors you MUST stop doing that makes women want to avoid you..– pg.

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I started to notice the way some guys would behave around really hot girls. my goal was never to go out and get laid (although I did) and my goal was never to get any girl I met (although I always got the girls I really wanted) because ultimately I was looking for real love from just one amazing woman.

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