Malaysin cam4 com

Malaysin cam4 com

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A DNS block is real kiddie stuff when it comes to online censorship and there should be other means to block users from accessing content and other means for users to bypass those blocking mechanisms.

In short there’s a WHOLE lot of stuff your ISP can do that you probably don’t know about.

This means that as long as your Internet Service Provider doesn’t block the IP address of your VPN you can basically roam free.

Another good reason to have a VPN is that they’re ‘usually’ encrypted, so that your ISP can’t look at what you’re looking at, some VPN providers provide encryption so strong it would take a super computer millions of years to crack.

If you remember, somewhere in August 2008, the government issued a similar directive to censor Malaysia Today.

Essentially TM can redact a persons name out of the telephone directory so that no one looking for that person will be able to connect to them. In the analogy before, Unifi is trying to block your access by preventing you from looking up phone number in phone directories Unifi has provided to you.

A DNS would act as a phone directory, just that in a phone directory you look up a phone number based on a persons name, in a DNS you look up an IP address based on a websites name.

Your browser automatically looks up every link you try to visit via DNS, it’s the only way it can find the IP addresses.

While you may not be starting the next revolution or Arab Spring, sometimes it feels a bit uncomfortable especially in Malaysia to know that your ISP could potentially be spying on your personal data, and a good VPN is a solid way to prevent that from happening. Well thankfully there’s a free version you can try, and it’s called pro XPN.

pro XPN is a fantastic free VPN service that uses end-2-end encryption to keep the baddies and your local ISP out of your business, it utilizes a 2048 bit encryption.

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So a basic Virtual Private Network (VPN) would be the best option here.

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