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Does she continue to show that strength throughout the season? What I’ve been playing with, and what Kurt’s been writing, is that she has a lot more conviction and certainty about her place in the world there.Her reactions to things are more visceral and immediate."The Tara haters love Jax and Jax loves Tara so therein lies the confusion, you know, because those people out there who are like 'Tara needs to die,' I find that confusing on a number of levels,” she said."'Disturbing,' I think, is the word," Sutter piped in."I feel like that was the most important thing for me seeing the episode," she said."I knew that was the only moment for Jax and Tara to really penetrate each other in a sense.Jax forgave Tara for faking a pregnancy and blaming the subsequent "miscarriage" on Gemma after he realized Tara's life with him was what pushed her to go to those extremes.

Tara also seems to get the strength to tell Jax that she’s not going to accept him telling her to go.In some ways, I feel like Tara is in a relationship with Jax and Tara is in a relationship with Gemma.They’re like two wings of the same bird, but they feel almost equally significant, in certain respects.Things become very, very strained in the Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara relationship.The relationship has been a source of inspiration for her being there in the first place, and yet the decision to stay now has deeper roots.

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Things are a little bit more volatile, inside of her as well as in the world around her. There’s a transition that’s happened over the three years where slowly she’s become part of the family, and that is something different than just being connected to one of the members romantically. She begins to have relationships with more of them.

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