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In 2015, she admitted she was "talking to about nine different guys" on the app, saying it started as a casual curiosity."It's true," she said on Valentine in the Morning: I'm on Tinder.While she struggled to find success on the app, it seems like Rousey's dating woes have disappeared — she's been in a relationship with fellow MMA fighter Travis Browne for several months. Perry seems to be cozying up to Orlando Bloom these days, but the pop star once attempted to look for romance on Tinder. I'm definitely not on Tinder, even though I joke about it.Back in 2014, when her romance with John Mayer was on-again/off-again, Perry was asked if she was still single during an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club. Sometimes I feel like a sense of humor does not translate into print. Or you could just text me and I'll text you back and say, 'I'm famous, let's f*ck' ... So, Lohan hasn't admitted openly that she's actually on Tinder, but she pretty much outed herself when she posted a screenshot of her brother Michael on the app. She gets her autograph and runs to her mom in a fit of hysteria, practically knocking down the Twilight display stand as she jolts past. I lied to a stranger because I feel like a fraud saying I'm an actress, when I'm not in anything recognizable at the moment. Can I say I'm an actress if I'm looking for my next job? Or can I say it if I'm working on a short film or webisodes? And while he's ogled by young women, I'm dressed in grungy sweats and a t-shirt with no makeup. I look behind us and a teenage girl with braces and pigtails stammers and sprints to my boyfriends' side. I pull out my handy-dandy ballpoint, jump into the scrum and give it to Miss Pigtails. I just told a nice mom who seemed interested that I was a decorator.

(How embarrassing to admit.) I feel like throwing a blanket over my head as I write these words down on paper. It's difficult when my boyfriend has found a level of success that I haven't found yet, so being supportive unfortunately takes more work on my part.

She bats her perfectly mascara'd eyelashes, as if she'd been planning this moment her whole life. Her equally attractive shorter friend then busts in front of her, as if she was about to miss her chance.

I've done TV movies and soap operas and commercials. " My boyfriend smiles at me while he has his photo taken with the boys. Maybe she saw the movie I did on Sci Fi Channel last year?

Thanks to that gig, his face is plastered on billboards from coast to coast, and he appears in commercials running every two seconds on every major network across the country. The little boys' eyes are wide and droopy as if they just woke up and have landed in heaven of all places. I tried to pick the simplest sounding, admirable profession, and now I'm about to look like a big fat liar. and, and, and sick people." Out of the need to cover up my obvious lie, I add, "But I'm really a decorator, I just nurse on the side, like on weekends." "And what a decorator she is." My boyfriend comes to the rescue but gives me a look only I would know that basically says, "Why on earth are you lying?

Sure, he's been in TV shows, films and commercials, but I think he is now most recognized for a national commercial campaign he's been doing. Two little boys with red fuzzy hats accompanied by their Brady Bunch parents politely ask my boyfriend to take a photograph with him.

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If you've ever felt weird about swiping right, have no fear: plenty of celebrities have admitted to using a dating app. More celebrities than you'd think have taken to their phones in the pursuit of love (or simply a casual hookup, this is a no judgment zone here!

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