Dating first cousins

Dating first cousins

That part of the brain isn't necessarily functional in everyone.But if you really don't feel bad about this, you might want to give serious consideration to getting yourself examined by a doctor because whatever damaged that part of the brain may have damaged other parts.For example, your father's first cousin is your first cousin once removed.

I'm actually surprised at the responses to this OP so far.Whereas when I moved to the US, it was clear that there is a taboo here.As a straight American man with only one girl cousin (who is ten years younger than me), I must say that I have never faced the temptation to date a cousin.I'm glad someone already pointed out that pre-20th Century literature is not really a very good indication of modern British mores.OB It definitely seems to be more prevalent a few generations ago than now. My wife's parents were also first cousins (they got married in the late 1940s), they are Canadian of Scottish extract (they can go back about two generations and hit Scotland).

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Back in the days when we were closest, it would have been completely unacceptable for an 18 year old man to date an eight year old girl, cousin or not.

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